Looking for dinner
 This isn't going to end well..
 Rooting for a teammate
 He's in Hawai'i.  Why isn't he happy?
  The Wild Bunch,  Carolina style.
 With a purposeful stride, he sets off to find what the day will bring
 A man stands at the summit of Haleakala Volcano on Maui
 City worker removes palm fronds in Hilo Bay, on the Big Island
 Short track speed skating. U.S. Nationals 2010
 Nothing's permanent
 Sometimes the skate just won't grab.  2010 US Nationals, 3000 meter.
 A very determined look
 Skating official
 A small-town mannequin dreams of greater things
 Long track speed skater, U.S. Nationals 2009
 This steep winding path is just a little bit too much for some visitors to Bryce.
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