Male Blackchin Hummingbird
 A pictograph created by the Barrier Canyon people, around 2000 years ago
 Red-footed Boobie at Kilauea Lighthouse in Kaua'i
 A red-footed boobie and a frigate bird fight over lunch
 A little crab stands her ground
 Grass fronds on a Big Island pali
 Kokui nut leis in the Kona market
 This little lizard posed in the Buckhorn Draw
 Male Rufous Hummingbird.  Tiny and aggressive.
 What is this?  It could give a kid nightmares. Western Massachusetts
 Nameplate from an abandoned mine, Days Fork
 This little butterfly was found in a Wasatch Front canyon
 The California Quail is a beautiful and goofy bird.  Utah.
 Painted coconut shell in the Kona Market
 Male Rufous at rest.  They hardly ever rest
 Silk leis in the Kona Market
 The Columbine is a familiar sight to those who live in the Rockies
 Pronghorn Antelope, on the San Rafael Swell
 You might want to choose another bunch of bananas.  This little gecko has claimed these. Maui.
 It wouldn't be a photo album without cows, would it? San Rafael Swell
 This tiny fiddlehead fern grows near Akaka Falls on the Big Island.
 Waxing Gibbous moon. Celestron 5" SCT at prime focus
 I got to fly in a glider in 2008. We're looking down at northern Utah.
 Water pounds on a valve at the Lake Tahoma dam
 The mongoose is a small, fast predator. Since its introduction to Hawai'i it has destroyed many native birds.
 This Indian Paintbrush was photographed at about 10,000 near Twin Lakes pass
 Tilt-shift editing makes a full-sized shack look like a dollhouse
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