Proper Motion

This recording is courtesy of Laurel Ann Maurer. She has graciously given permission for this recording to be released on my website. It is placed here solely for enjoyment of visitors and copyright is retained by Ms Maurer. Contact either her or me for broadcast permissions and full-resolution version of the recording.

Performers are Laurel Ann Maurer on flute, Russell Harlow on clarinet, and John Jensen on piano.


A section of the first movement, premiered on May 3, 2003 in Boston. The orchestra is the New England Philharmonic under the baton of Richard Pittman. This quiet section features aleatoric counterpoint in the woodwinds.

Sonatina for Clarinet and Harpsichord

This performance features Diane Heffner on clarinet and Peter Sykes on harpsichord.


a brief and frantic ride for flute and piano, completed in spring of 2007. It has been publicly performed, but I do not have a recording. This performance was generated using Kontakt.  It is a new recording from December of 2016..


This is a student performance at the University of Utah. The six pieces were divided among three pianists: Josh Wright (1, 4), Ruby Chou (2, 6), and Dylan Bean (3, 5).

Trumpet Concertino

The soloist is Joseph Foley and the orchestra is Alea III under the baton of Theodore Antoniou.   This is from a 1983 performance at Boston University.

From a Darkened Gallery

This piece was written in 1983 and revised in 1988. The performers are Scott Woolweaver and Karen Kaderavek, for whom the piece was written.

Marimba Concerto

The soloist is Richard Flanagan and the orchestra is the Pro Arte. This is from a 1984 performance at Sanders Theater.


This piece occupied much of my time in the mid 1990's. I wrote a computer program which controlled generation of sound by several synthesizers. A key goal was the mix of tightly-controlled music, and aleatoric music within the same framework. It is probably my last partially tonal piece.

A new mix of this is on the way—new instruments, new performance and corrections

Recitative for Sorely Tested Products,

May be the only cantata ever written about product testing. Text is by John Updike. David Ripley sings the part of a mournful and abused tire as well as a now-irregular watch. Karol Bennett becomes a broken typewriter and an angry pair of scissors. Together they dream of a Dies Irae The pianist is John McDonald, and the performance is at MIT.

Brass Quintet #2 (no salesman will call)

played in this example by the Capital Brass. It's considerably jazzier than anything I've written in recent years.

before we were so rudely interrupted

This performance features a trio headed by Richard Paul Stone.

The Descent of Mr. Aldez

A short song on a poem of Updike. Like many poems of his early work, he found unexpected ambiguities in newspaper headlines of the day. Karol Bennett and John McDonald performed at MIT.

War Songs

for voice and electronic orchestra, performed by  David Ripley in 2003. Ripley has performed both books of songs a number of times, most recently in 2009.

Book 1

Book 2

Five Poems

 One movement from Five Poems for mezzo soprano and string orchestra. This is a short song on a poem by Williams. A cat gets what's coming to him. Karen Lykes sings with the Red Sneakers Nonharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of (or perhaps in spite of) the composer.


This piece was commissioned by Marimolin (Marimbist  Nancy Zeltsman and violinist  Sharan Leventhal) in the late 1980s. This is probably the only recording of this piece there will ever be, since I'm not likely to update the synthesizer sequences. Only the final movement is posted here.