Spring thaw in Big Cottonwood Creek
 A rock formation inside the Broads Fork bowl
 Eroded bench in Bryce Canyon
 Bryce Canyon with the Grand Staircase in the distance
 A trail down into Bryce
 Sunset at the "Little Grand Canyon" of the San Rafael River
 A colorful butte at Capitol Reef
 A dome at Capitol Reef, at sunrise
 Castle-shaped formation at sunrise, Wedge Overlook
 Clouds pour into the crater of Haleakala Volcano on Maui
 Headwall of Days Fork trail, a side canyon of Big Cottonwood Canyon
 Ephedra on the edge of the canyon before sunrise, Wedge Overlook
 Aspens in Big Cottonwood Canyon
 A farm field below the Sleeping Giant trail on Kaua'i
 Rock chimney in Kodachrome Basin
 View from a Pali (overlook) near the Ka'u Desert on the Big Island
 An eroded cliff face at Capitol Reef.
 The Ka'u Desert. A lava desert on the Big Island
 Spires in Kodachrome Basin
 Lake Blanche, a popular destination for day hikers
 The main crater in the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island
 Distant mesas at Capitol Reef
 This dome at Capitol Reef is reminiscent of a minaret
 A shack on the island of Moloka'i
 The island of Molokini, viewed through fog on Maui
 Sunrise at the "Little Grand Canyon" of the San Rafael River
 The moon as seen from Kaui just before a lunar eclipse
 The rugged Na'apali Coast, seen from the water.  Kaua'i
 An old steam engine remains at the Eclipse Mine at Days Fork
 Broads Fork Twin Peaks in winter, as seen from my back yard
 Pastel-colored peak at Capitol Reef
 First snow of the season
 Riders on a distant Trail in Bryce Canyon
 Sea cliff from the Kalalau Trail (Na'apali) on Kaua'i
 A small castle at Capitol Reef
 Lily pads at Lake Tahoma
 Snowbird is world famous for skiing.  The summer sights aren't so bad, either.
 Late spring at Brighton Utah
 Subtle colors of spring appear below Day's Fork
 After sunset on a North-Carolina beach
 Dawn at Twin Lakes
 A scrap of fence on the San Rafael Swell
 You can't help but think of the Bat Cave.  This is in Kaua'i
 Bryce Canyon, looking toward Escalante
 Twin Lakes, above Brighton. Taken from the pass.
 Midsummer meadow behind Twin Peak
 Few people walk the steep road to the bottom of the Waipio Valley.
 Beach walkway, given a painterly treatment
 This is the first sight you see when you look down into Bryce Canyon.  It gets better from there.
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